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Goodbye Fort Worth, Hello Mason June 12, 2014

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After becoming Mrs. Pierce over two years ago, my life’s path took a rather sharp curve: I moved from an apartment where I had lived by myself to a house that I shared with my husband; I left a Kindergarten teaching position in one district for a Fourth Grade teaching position in another; and I settled in a new part of Fort Worth that was previously unknown to me. This was a lot of change at once, especially considering that I also was learning how to go from being single to being married at the same time.


Nevertheless, I–we–survived and life settled down. Until a month ago, that is. All the ducks that we had worked so hard to get in a row suddenly waddled in different directions. After a whirlwind two weeks of interviews, phone calls, pro-con lists, and lengthy discussions, our lives have a new destination: the Texas hill country. John applied, was offered, and accepted an English teaching job in Mason. I snagged a Kindergarten job (yep, I’m going back to the little ones!) in Brady. We found a lovely house to rent for the next year. We move in two weeks. Yep. Ducks all over the place.


I am both thrilled and saddened by the changes ahead. I look forward to leaving behind the concrete of DFW. In fact, the general prettiness of Mason and the surrounding area was a major factor in our decision to move. Despite our bookish inclinations, we love the outdoors. We have a state parks pass and a national parks “passport” book that we intend to completely fill in the coming years. We like natural scenery. So in moving to Mason, we will go from this view out our back door…





…to this one.




I feel more relaxed just looking at that picture. How many hours do you think John and I will spend sitting on our back porch reading and taking in the view? As long as I keep us stocked in bug spray (why do the mosquitoes like me so much??), I predict many.


The scenery, of course, is not the only, or most important, factor in us making the move to the hill country. The key reason we’re moving is because of the type of life we want to lead, and we anticipate that Mason will allow us to lead such a life. We want to be in community with others that have also committed to being in community, not just for a couple of years until a “better” opportunity comes along, but for good. John grew up in such a place, and it greatly affected him and the development of his character. As educators, we want the opportunity to impact our students not just for the one year that they are in our classrooms, but over the course of their young lives. We look forward to attending Mason’s high school graduation a few years from now and truly knowing the students that are walking across the stage. Knowing, too, their parents and siblings. We hope to be able to count on our neighbors (or just know their names, for starters–something that hasn’t happened in the two years of living in our current neighborhood), and to be counted upon by them in return. All of this just seems more possible in a small town than in the Metroplex.


No place is perfect, of course. Despite our desire for community, I worry a little about our loss of anonymity. There will be no more easy, Friday-night escapes into Sundance Square after a difficult week at work. We are leaving behind our DFW friends, church, and workplaces. Most of all, though, we will miss living so near to my parents. They have been constant sources of support and love for both John and me, and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do without them.


But to Mason we are bound.


And I’m ready to embrace whatever is in store for us there.


Two Years March 15, 2014

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On Monday, John and I celebrated two years of marriage, of laughter, joy, companionship, love, and–occasionally–tears. It is unbelievable to me that we wed two years ago. I still can easily recall the butterflies I experienced on our first date and the utter joy I felt at being reunited with him on Friday nights after a long week apart (John and I had a long-distance relationship from the moment we met until 2.5 months after our wedding). And yet, it feels that I have known John my whole life. It can be difficult to recall a time when his steady, warm, and (sometimes) silly presence was not there, every day of every week. A time when his hand in mine was not a source of strength and comfort. Because it is. Always.


Last year I also commented on the swift passage of time, at how quickly the first year of being Mrs. Pierce had gone. This rapidity of days will be true for every year of our marriage, no doubt, so I hope to simply be grateful for each day that we have together, no matter how quickly each one flies.


Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2014


Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2013


Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2012


One Year March 14, 2013

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Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend: I increasingly make comments such as, “I cannot believe that was (2, 5, 10, 15…) years ago!” Vacations, graduations, family get-togethers…all of these are subject to the aforementioned exclamation. In other words, I am getting old.

I also am no longer a newlywed, as John and I celebrated one year of marriage on Sunday. And yes, I cannot believe that it has been a year since we wed. We have been so busy changing homes, cities, and jobs that the past 12 months has simply disappeared. I can believe, however, that I am blessed beyond measure to have such a dear husband. As fast as the years ahead may pass, I hope to never take that for granted.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2012


Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2013



Musings on Marriage February 3, 2013

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It took me 30 years to get married. There are a number of reasons for this: I am shy, I spent the first two-thirds of my 20s being overweight, and I am picky. Until two years ago, I was the classic single-girl-in-her-20s, being happy for her friends as they all found mates and married, but also secretly wondering (fearing?) if a lifetime of singledom was in my future. Somewhere along the way, however, I found the guts to try online dating, I lost weight, and I found the absolutely perfect person for me.

As my first wedding anniversary approaches next month, I find myself thinking back over those single years and comparing them to this first year of being married. I am not going to say that my life began the day I got married, because that’s not true. While single, I nurtured meaningful friendships, found work fulfillment as a teacher, became more committed in my faith, and traveled around the world. Yet what I can say is that the life I had worked throughout my 20s to build became infinitely richer the day I got married. Our marriage is not perfect–we are not perfect, after all–but it is ours and it is wonderful.

I could spend quite a while listing everything that I love about my husband, but I will stick to one example for today. Yesterday I spent the day at home resting, trying to recover from a bad head cold and a 14-hour field trip to Austin with my 4th graders. John had a work event all day, but he still went to the grocery store on his way home because we needed food. While there, he picked up these for me as a surprise:


Yes, marriage is lovely, indeed.