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Colorado Bend State Park: Gorman Falls June 13, 2017

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Yesterday morning we ventured out for our second hike of the summer.  The day’s destination was Colorado Bend State Park.  Twice last year we visited the park, but it was this third trip in which we made the hike to the park’s most famous site: Gorman Falls.


We headed out on the trail at 8:45 AM, as we wanted to beat the heat.  The weather was in the 70s and rather humid but also partly cloudy and breezy, which is about as good as it gets for a hike in Texas in June.


The first part of the Gorman Falls trail was a combination of open grasslands and oak groves.


A lovely vista presented itself as we hiked toward the falls.


James was a little too sleepy to fully enjoy the view.


The path was rocky, so we had to watch our step as we trekked down the trail.


Once we passed the 1-mile mark, we could hear the falls in the distance.  Suddenly, we were upon them!


The trail first led us to a view of the upper part of the falls.


By then, James was wide awake and very intrigued by the falling water.  We couldn’t get a good picture of him in front of the falls because he kept squirming around in order to look at the water!

After taking in the upper part of the falls, we carefully descended the rocky hill to the base of the falls.  Holding on to the metal railing was necessary to prevent slipping down the rocks.  But what a reward awaited us!




Taking in the beauty of the falls was especially memorable because we were the only ones there.  What a rare experience that is at a popular hiking spot!  We were able to be still, listen to the water and other nature sounds, and take our pictures without jostling or interruption.


We also took a family selfie.  Clearly James needs further instructions on smiling for the camera.


He was more interested in playing with his daddy’s hat strings.

The hike back to the trailhead was mostly uphill, but it was easier than we’d feared on the way in.  We hiked the 3-mile out-and-back trail in an hour and a half.

We then drove to the other side of the park for a picnic lunch in the day use area by the river.


We spotted a turtle making his way across the picnic area in order to reach the river.


After eating, we showed James the murky Colorado River up close.


James was more interested in getting my hat.  James likes hats – unless they are his own.



Our morning at Colorado Bend could not have gone better.  The falls are well worth the moderate hike it takes to see them!


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