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Trinity: Military War Dog May 15, 2016

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For my May reading challenge book, I chose my friend Rebecca’s recommendation of Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig.  Rebecca is a great reader of Christian fiction, and she has recommended several good Christian fiction series to me in the past.  Trinity is the first novel in a series of three books focusing on military war dogs and their handlers.




I was admittedly skeptical upon starting this book, as I have neither a military background nor a history with dogs (yep, I’m a cat person).  It was definitely going to put me out of my comfort zone.


The relationship between Trinity and her handler, former Green Beret Heath Daniels, is one of devotion on both sides, and this was one of the highlights of the book for me.  I may not be a dog person, but I do love animals and believe special connections exist between them and their human caretakers.  I cried for multiple days when my beloved cat, Napoleon, passed away in November.


The budding romantic relationship between Heath and Darci, an intelligence officer posing as a geologic survey team member, was another enjoyable component of the novel for me.  I selected Trinity as my May read because I knew it would have a little romance to it, which I often look for when I’m tired and stressed during busy times of the school year.


I struggled with the military aspects of the book, however, as the acronyms and procedures were unknown to me.  Kendig also plotted her novel as a series of mini-cliffhangers, each ending with an explosion, shot, or attack of some sort.  While this was intended to up the suspense, I found it repetitious after the first couple of times.  Action movies have never been my favorite movie genre, after all, for the same reason.


In the end, I did not love Trinity, and I doubt that I pursue the additional two novels in this series.  It did serve as a welcome distraction, however, while being home sick for three days straight!


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