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My Cooking Challenge 2015: A Month-by-Month Culinary Journey January 1, 2015

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This post marks the 2-year anniversary of Being Mrs. Pierce. During our Christmas break two years ago, my husband, John, encouraged me to begin this blog to document all of the new recipes I was eagerly gathering and wanting to try, having been bitten by the healthy cooking bug after starting a diet. What began as a 40-recipe cooking/blogging goal for 2013 blossomed into over 100 new recipes cooked and blogged about by year’s end. Then came 2014. I set my sights on preparing every recipe from Ellie Krieger’s Comfort Food Fix cookbook. While I got off to a solid start on the challenge, I lost my way when major life events unexpectedly surfaced: a move, a new job, a return to graduate school. I ended 2014 with just 25 of the Comfort Food Fix recipes completed.


I sincerely missed food blogging last year, so for the past month I’ve been brainstorming how to make a return to it while also juggling my full-time teaching job and school counselor certification program. My husband once again gets the credit for inspiring my yearly cooking goal. He suggested picking one food category, such as bread, dessert, or meat pie (his favorite category), for each month of the year. Bingo. I plan to cook as many different recipes from each category during the course of the month as I can (even if it’s just one), and then I will write an end-of-month blog post about my recent culinary adventures.


Here are my food categories for the year ahead:


January: Slow Cooker Entree – I typically make one dish in the slow cooker each weekend during the school year, and I would love to have some new go-to favorites in this category.


February: Chocolate Dessert – Last year I surprised my husband with Molly Wizenberg’s Winning Hearts and Minds Cake for Valentine’s Day. This year I’m curious to see if I can top that delectable chocolate dessert.


March: Vegetarian Entree – I want to join the Meatless Monday bandwagon.


April: Bread – My in-laws gave me Jim Lahey’s My Bread for Christmas, and I can’t wait to try out his no-knead method for homemade bread.


May: Souffle – I treated myself to a souffle dish in the fall; now I need to actually make a souffle.


June: Cheese – Last Christmas my sister-in-law gave me a cheese-making kit after I had expressed interest in making my own cheese. The plan was to try it out last summer. Hmm. Hopefully this summer I’ll actually get it done and achieve my dream of making a pizza 100% from scratch.


July: Canning – I’m slowly acquiring books and tools for this one. When tomatoes and strawberries are in season, I’ll give it a go.


August: Tart – In addition to a souffle dish, I also bought myself a tart pan. I got tired of coming across delicious-looking tart recipes and being unable to make them.


September: Soup – It will still be 100 degrees here in Texas, but why not fire up the stove? I’m hoping I’ll find some new soup recipes that will be keepers for the fall and winter ahead.


October: Company-worthy Entree – John and I enjoy cooking for others, so we are always on the lookout for new recipes worthy of serving to guests.


November: Side Dish – I like to try at least one new side for the holidays each year so that I don’t fall into a holiday meal rut.


December: Meat Pie – For John.


14 Responses to “My Cooking Challenge 2015: A Month-by-Month Culinary Journey”

  1. Loveta Pierce Says:

    I love this idea. It seems do-able (is that a word). Do you mind if I steal this idea and do it also? Maybe a couple of different categories.

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