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Yellowstone National Park: Storm Point Trail August 2, 2014

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Last summer John and I fell in love with Wyoming, so this summer we were thrilled to be able to travel there once again. We flew to Jackson on Sunday, July 20 in order to explore Yellowstone and Cody for a few days before meeting up with my parents in Grand Teton National Park for a week-long stay at Jenny Lake Lodge.


On Monday, July 21, John and I drove to Cody, Wyoming via Yellowstone National Park. We stopped a few miles east of Fishing Bridge in order to get in a late-morning hike on the Storm Point Trail, an easy, 2.1-mile (mostly) loop hike. It would be the first outdoorsy outing of our summer trip!




The trail began by Indian Pond, a small body of water surrounded by wildflower-strewn meadows.





A few Canadian geese swam across the pond as John and I passed by.




The trail then headed over a ridge, and we were soon greeted with an up-close view of Yellowstone Lake.





We followed the trail into a forested area nestled along the shores of the lake.





I had to get used to craning my neck in order to see the tree tops – the Texas hill country trees are runts by comparison!





We soon emerged in a rocky, sandy, windy spot: Storm Point. The gray clouds and gusts of wind added to the raw, desolate feel of the place.





The wind did not trouble this sleepy marmot, however.  In fact, he (or she) remained so still, we might not have noticed him except that some friendly hikers told us to look for him on the rocks.




The shoreline of Yellowstone Lake was jagged and rough along Storm Point.




Turning away from the lake, we entered a second forested area. This one was eerily quiet – apart from the wind and creaking trees. It was amazing how such a short trail could yield such a variety of landscapes.




Upon (gladly) leaving the spooky woods, we soon completed the loop trail at Indian Pond and made our way back to the trailhead. We finished the hike in under an hour, thanks to its short distance, relative flatness, and comfortable walking surface. If you’re looking for an easy hike in Yellowstone, I highly recommend this one! It’s a popular one, but we never felt crowded on the trail and the views of the lake from Storm Point were rewarding ones.


2 Responses to “Yellowstone National Park: Storm Point Trail”

  1. Shelby Says:

    I love exploring Yellowstone. Fun pictures 🙂

  2. […] our warm-up hike at Storm Point the day before, John and I were ready to tackle the more strenuous 6.2-mile out-and-back Mount […]

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