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Crispy Baked Zucchini Potato Pancakes March 9, 2014

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I am a planner. I get supreme satisfaction knowing far in advance what I’ll be doing/cooking/eating/reading when. So it is with some surprise that I am utterly enjoying the unpredictability of getting a CSA vegetable & fruit delivery every other Wednesday. The anticipation begins on Monday of delivery week: It’s CSA week! I think to myself multiple times that day. On Tuesday, I begin to pull cookbooks off the shelf in preparation for the recipe searches I’ll undoubtedly be undertaking. On Wednesday morning, I am ready to high-five the school nurse, who so kindly picks up my CSA for me while she’s picking up her own. But the true fun is Wednesday afternoon at 3:15. The kids have left for the day, and I go up to the office to see what’s in my box. Then I get to take all the beautiful, fresh produce home, dig through my cookbooks, and decide just what to make with it over the next two weeks. (I told you I am a planner.)


This winter, potatoes have been a staple in my CSA. I’ve made potato-kale soup, roasted potatoes, crispy sautéed potatoes, and baked garlic “fries.” I also made my 17th Comfort Food Fix recipe of the year with a CSA potato: Crispy Baked Zucchini Potato Pancakes.


On paper, the recipe is not a difficult one. Dice some onion, grate some vegetables, stir them together with egg, form into pancakes, and bake. Yet I ended up making an epic mess. I squeezed the excess liquid from the grated zucchini and potato as directed, but I guess I should have done so more than I did, as the pancake mixture, when all combined, was incredibly runny. As I formed the pancakes on the cookie sheet, I soon had a layer of liquid spanning the entire breadth of the pan. I tried to soak up some of it with paper towels to middling success. The worst part was when the pancakes were baking in the oven and all of that extra liquid turned brown, then black, as it baked and hardened onto my cookie sheet. Let’s just say it took 24 hours of soaking before any of it would start to clean off. My advice: line your cookie sheet with foil.


Due to the scary brown-and-black pan, I removed the pancakes from the oven a little earlier than I might have otherwise. They were cooked through, but overall they weren’t browned and crispy yet. Despite this, the potato pancakes turned out rather tasty. Yet I didn’t think that their taste made up for the hassle and the mess, so I gave the pancakes an average 3 stars.  Next time I get russet potatoes in my CSA, I’ll look elsewhere for a recipe.


Comfort Food Fix recipes made: 17
Comfort Food Fix recipes still to make: 136


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