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Crispy Beef and Bean Tacos January 11, 2014

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On Sunday I made up a batch of the Pioneer Woman’s homemade salsa, and all week long it has been sitting in my refrigerator, untouched, just waiting to be made useful. Last night it finally got its chance when I tried my second Ellie Krieger Comfort Food Fix recipe of the year: Crispy Beef and Bean Tacos (pp. 133-134).


The recipe begins with the fun twist of baking your own taco shells. After lightly brushing 6-inch corn tortillas (I used Mission Super Size Yellow Corn Tortillas) with olive oil and sprinkling on a dash of salt, you drape the tortillas over two bars of an oven rack and bake for less than 10 minutes. The sides of the tortillas fall down as they bake, forming a flat bottom that is begging to be filled with tempting taco toppings. I probably should have baked my tortillas slightly longer than the 8 minutes that I did, as only the ends of each taco shell were truly crispy. The middle portions were still slightly chewy, which made it hard to easily bite through the shell. They tasted great, though!


Even better tasting than the shells, however, was the meat filling. The combination of lean ground beef, black beans, freshly minced garlic, and homemade taco seasoning made for one seriously delicious taco. As John said last night, the meat mixture is a keeper.


With added toppings of shredded cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, fresh cilantro, and the above-mentioned homemade salsa, these tacos earned at least 4 stars. Had the shells been fully crisped, the tacos would have earned 4.5, if not 5. Comfort Food Fix recipe #2 was a success!


Comfort Food Fix recipes made: 2
Comfort Food Fix recipes still to make: 151


2 Responses to “Crispy Beef and Bean Tacos”

  1. Jean Says:

    Are you keeping the recipe for the meat mixture a secret?!?

    • skpierce12 Says:

      No, it is not meant to be a secret, I promise! Because I plan to cook every recipe from Comfort Food Fix, I cannot put up each one online. My plan is to include the recipe only when I can already find it available online on an Ellie Krieger-approved website.

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