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2014 Reading Resolution January 2, 2014

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Last year I set a goal that involved reading at least one book from 22 different categories/genres of books. I enjoyed completing the resolution so much that I have decided to set a similar goal for 2014, but with some changes and additions. I now have a total of 30 categories, which is half the number of my overall reading goal of 60 books as set on Goodreads. My 30 categories for the year are below.


1. The New Testament in Modern English – This is a repeat goal from 2013 as I did not get this read last year, to my chagrin.

2. Theology

3. Pulitzer Prize Winner

4. Mystery – This likely will be another Agatha Christie.

5. Spy/Crime Novel – This is essentially the thriller category I had last year.

6. Science Fiction

7. Fantasy – I separated fantasy from science fiction this year so that I will actually read a fantasy.

8. Christian Romance – Last year I read an Agatha Christie mystery in honor of my father-in-law; this year I will read a Christian romance in honor of my mother-in-law.

9. Popular History

10. Social Criticism – There are a number of books involving the impact of technology on modern society that I have long wanted to read.  Hopefully this will make me actually read one of them.

11. Biography

12. Memoir

13. Book-That-Has-Been-Made-into-a-Movie

14. Comedy

15. British Classic

16. American Classic

17. Author-I’ve-Wanted-to-Read-but-Never-Have: Edith Wharton

18. Current Bestseller

19. Travelogue – In an effort to pay off debt this year, my husband and I have agreed not to plan a big vacation for 2014. I will travel vicariously through a book instead.

20. Cookbook – My cooking goal for 2014 is going to involve making every recipe from one cookbook.  Keep an eye out for my first blog post on my new food-related resolution!

21. Culinary Memoir

22. Historical Fiction

23. Christmas-Themed Novel – One of my husband’s annual Christmas traditions is to read at least one Christmas-themed book in December.  I have now taken on this tradition, as well.

24. Education

25. A Collection of Poetry –

26. A Play

27. Young Adult Lit

28. Carnegie Winner

29. Newbery Winner – I still have a goal to read every single Newbery winner, so hopefully I will get more than one of these read in 2014.

30. Graphic Novel


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