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Sweet and Savory Breakfast Bread Pudding (New Recipe #83) October 27, 2013

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The words “bread pudding” are dangerous ones. Not dangerous in the sense of my physical safety. Dangerous in the sense of my waistline. Hearing or seeing bread pudding is all but guaranteed to whittle my willpower into oblivion. My husband has learned that if a restaurant has bread pudding listed on the dessert menu, we are probably going to order it.  Bread pudding is my ultimate guilty pleasure.


So while perusing The Hungry Girl’s 300 Under 300 cookbook, my eyes–of course–lingered on the title of this breakfast recipe: Sweet and Savory Breakfast Bread Pudding Bowl. Bread pudding for breakfast? Sign me up.


Despite my love of bread pudding, my expectations for this recipe were not the highest. After all, the ingredients list screams, “Diet food! Diet food!” Yet I just had to give it a try.


I used a MorningStar Farms veggie breakfast patty for the “savory.” The first time I made this, I tried to crumble the patty with the back of a fork, which was mildly successful. Since then, I have cut it up with a fork and knife.


The bread pudding bowl tastes much like its name implies – it is both sweet and savory. It does taste a bit like “diet food,” but I still give it 3 stars. I’ve made it multiple times since first trying the recipe out in August. I’ve found that it’s a great way to use up leftover egg substitute from other recipes. Mostly, though, it’s a way for me to enjoy “bread pudding” with none of the guilt.


Sweet and Savory Breakfast Bread Pudding Bowl

1 frozen meatless or turkey sausage patty with about 80 calories
2 slices light bread, lightly toasted
½ cup fat-free liquid egg substitute
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp cinnamon, or more for topping
¼ cup sugar-free pancake syrup, divided
½ tsp powdered sugar

1. Prepare patty on the stove or microwave according to package instructions. Once cool enough to handle, crumble or chop and set aside.

2. Spray a microwave-safe bowl with nonstick spray. Tear toasted bread into bite-sized pieces and place in the bowl. Add crumbled sausage and set aside.

3. In a small bowl, combine egg substitute, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and 2 TB pancake syrup. Mix well. Pour mixture over the bread pieces and crumbled sausage. If needed, gently stir to ensure bread in thoroughly soaked.

4. Microwave for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or until bread pudding is set. (It will puff up once set.)

5. Top with remaining 2 TB syrup, powdered sugar, and, if desired, an extra sprinkle of cinnamon.

Yield: 1 serving. Per serving, 6 PointsPlus.


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