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Cameron Park July 3, 2013

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When my husband John lived in Waco, he loved going on hikes at Cameron Park. It has been two years since he moved away, but he often comments on how much he misses having the park nearby. With him completing his Baylor graduate degree this summer, he’s been spending a lot of time in Waco once again. Last week, I traveled with him to Waco for a day. After he finished class, we headed to Cameron Park for a hike. The temperature was hovering near 100 degrees and it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, but we braved the great outdoors anyway.


We parked at Jacob’s Ladder and first headed down the River Trail, which skirts the edge of the Brazos, and then Bosque, River.




After the rivers, the limestone cliffs are the next best highlight of the River Trail. If it hadn’t been so hot in the sunshine, we would have craned our necks upwards at the cliffs for much longer than we did. Instead, we hurried for the shelter of the trees further along the trail.




The River Trail eventually leads to the start of the Highlander Trail. In the picture below, John tries to hide his sweat-soaked t-shirt and slightly-too-short shorts behind the Highlander trailhead marker. (It didn’t work, but he at least looks cute in the attempt.)




The Highlander lives up to its name. It is further away from the water and moves up and down in the nearby hills. The inclines are never very steep, but they are often lengthy and frequent, which earn it a difficult-level rating.  Before long, John wasn’t the only one to have sweat through his shirt.


After making a near-complete loop on the Highlander, we took the (thankfully intermediate-level) Haley Bop connecting trail to get back to the River Trail.  With red and shiny faces, we retraced our steps back to our car.




We hiked in Cameron Park for almost 2 hours. On a cooler day, we probably would have covered the same ground in less time, but we took frequent, brief water breaks. Despite the heat, we both enjoyed our hike at Cameron Park, and we both left wishing we had such a park nearer to home.


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