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Pressed Pear Turkey Sandwich (New Recipe #30) April 27, 2013

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The day my school took our fourth graders to Austin, I had the pleasure of sitting on the bus next to my coworker, Jamie. As a classroom teacher, I often do not have the opportunity to sit down and chat about life with my colleagues. Conversations, when they happen, tend to be hurried affairs after school or at lunch, and the topic is nearly always work-related. I therefore thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to talk and get to know Jamie the day of the Austin field trip.


During the course of our conversation, the subject of dieting came up, and we began to exchange WeightWatchers histories and tips. Jamie told me about a good blog, greenlitebites, that features WW-friendly recipes. She raved about one recipe in particular, the Pressed Pear Turkey Sandwich. I looked it up soon afterwards but only got around to making it for the first time for lunch today.


It was extremely easy to put together; the only item to slice or dice was the Babybel cheese round, and that took only a few seconds to accomplish.  I only have a George Foreman Grill (as opposed to a panini press), so I followed the recipe’s instructions to rotate the sandwich halfway through the cooking time.  You do need to watch and make sure you are not pushing the ingredients too far out of the bread slices!  I made three sandwiches (one for me, two for John), and one of them did end up a little lopsided.


John and I both loved the sandwiches.  The warm, melted cheese was the perfect complement to the turkey and pear slices, and I especially enjoyed the hint of mustard and rosemary.  The sandwiches easily earned 4 stars from us both, and they will definitely go into our regular lunch rotation.  Thank you, Jamie, for 1) keeping me company that day,and 2) for helping me once again get out of the frozen veggie burger lunch rut.


Pressed Pear Turkey Sandwich

1 whole grain sandwich thin (I used Nature’s Own 100% whole wheat sandwich thins)
1-2 tsp whole grain mustard
1 Mini Babybel Light
2 oz deli turkey
4-5 thin slices of ripe pear
Handful of baby spinach
1-2 pinches of dried rosemary (I used fresh)

1. Preheat the George Foreman or your panini press.

2. Smear the mustard on the thin and top with half of the cheese. To cut the Babybel, stand the cheese on its side and cut through the circle forming 2 halves that are also circles. Add the cheese to the center of the thin.

3. Top the sandwich with the turkey, pear, spinach, the other half of the cheese, the rosemary and the top of the bread.

4. Place on the grill and close. Grill for 2 minutes then rotate the sandwich (only on GFG) and grill for 2 more minutes making sure it cooks evenly. Enjoy!

Yield: 1 serving. Per serving, 6 PointsPlus.


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