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South Llano River State Park March 30, 2013

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Over Spring Break, John and I spent a few days visiting his parents in Menard. One day, the two of us made a day trip down to Junction to visit the South Llano River State Park. We were curious about the park’s hiking trails, and we were wanting to spend some time outdoors in the Hill Country while the weather was just right–not too hot, not too cold.


Upon arrival at the park, we embarked upon the Fawn Trail, a 3.2-mile moderate trail, which took us up into the hills above the river.
















The inclines were a little challenging for us, considering that hills are few and far between where we live. Yet once we got to the top, the trail leveled off and we were able to catch our breaths. We also were able to show off just how dorky we both are.

014    015


After the Fawn Trail, we decided to take on the Overlook Trail, a shorter, 1.29-mile trail with a steep, paved incline. The view from the top was not as picturesque as we’d hoped: springtime budding had not yet taken place and the evidence of drought was all too clear.


On the way back down, however, we did spot one pretty tree in bloom:


We ate a picnic lunch by the river, and completed one final trail: the River Trail, an easy 2-mile walk along the river. At one point on the trail, the map told us we were to pass by Buck Lake. We were joking around that Buck Lake must be a pond because we had not spotted a lake from the scenic overlook. As it turns out, we were wrong. Here is John wading in the “lake”:

It was all very funny and odd, because 1) the park ranger at headquarters had referred to the lake when telling us about the trails, and 2) it wasn’t as though the lake had evaporated in the drought. There wasn’t even an indentation in the ground to indicate that water would accumulate there!


At any rate, John and I had a wonderful day at South Llano River State Park. We hiked nearly 7 miles, had a lovely lunch at the river’s edge, and got to spend several hours of uninterrupted time together in the great outdoors.


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