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My Belated Reading Resolution March 18, 2013

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Back in January, my sister-in-law, Kalyn, and my husband both decided to set a goal of reading at least 20 books from at least 20 different categories in 2013. At the time, I was content with setting my Goodreads goal at 60 books and leaving my reading resolution at that. On a recent visit, however, she and John got to talking about Pulitzers, and I made an on-the-spot decision to read a Pulitzer in 2013, as well. The more I thought about it in the days that followed, the more I felt pulled to make my reading goal for the year more definitive.

After spending WAY too much time on it, my list is below.  I settled on 22 categories total, most of which mimic Kalyn and John’s, but I did make a few alterations to suit my tastes.  For example, I nixed their vampire category (some things I just cannot do).

1. Theology – I’ve been wanting to read a Richard Beck book for a while.

2. Pulitzer Prize Winner – The Road, Gilead, Olive Kitteridge, Breathing Lessons, and Lonesome Dove are among the most interesting to me.

3. Mystery – In honor of my father-in-law, I want to give Agatha Christie a try.

4. Thriller – This will probably be a spy novel.

5. Trashy Romance – Done!  I am going to count Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–a Love Story as my book for this category.  While not explicit, there was a lot of wishful lustin’ going on in that one.

6. Carnegie Winner – I’ve already reread Watership Down this year, but I am going to try to fit in a Carnegie that is entirely new to me, as well.

7. Newbery Winner – Since I am trying to read every Newbery winner out there, I will read more than one of these this year, I feel certain.  I have The Twenty-One Balloons currently in progress.

8. A book that has or is being made into a movie – TBD

9. A Collection of Poetry – I am counting on my husband to steer me to a good one here.

10. A Play – Kalyn and John specified Shakespeare, but I am going to leave mine more open-ended.

11. A Popular History – TBD

12. Biography – Done!  Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child was one of the first books I read this year.

13. Memoir – TBD

14. Comedy – TBD

15. British Classic – TBD

16. A Barbara Kingsolver – This is my pic for the category of author-I’ve-wanted-to-read-but-never-have. Kalyn’s reading Agatha Christie and John is taking on Sir Walter Scott.

17. Young Adult Lit – TBD

18. The New Testament in Modern English – Kalyn is tackling the entire Bible, but I’ve decided to reread The New Testament in a translation new to me.

19. SciFi or Fantasy – TBD

20. Graphic Novel – TBD

21. Current Bestseller – TBD

22. Historical Fiction – TBD


6 Responses to “My Belated Reading Resolution”

  1. Loveta Says:

    where is your amish romance? lol.

  2. Kalyn Says:

    I’m still trudging through Gilead. I think I’ve read about 20 pages today, which may be a record for a single day’s reading. I’ve got to get my act together on this book!

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