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One Year March 14, 2013

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Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend: I increasingly make comments such as, “I cannot believe that was (2, 5, 10, 15…) years ago!” Vacations, graduations, family get-togethers…all of these are subject to the aforementioned exclamation. In other words, I am getting old.

I also am no longer a newlywed, as John and I celebrated one year of marriage on Sunday. And yes, I cannot believe that it has been a year since we wed. We have been so busy changing homes, cities, and jobs that the past 12 months has simply disappeared. I can believe, however, that I am blessed beyond measure to have such a dear husband. As fast as the years ahead may pass, I hope to never take that for granted.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2012


Mr. and Mrs. Pierce, March 10, 2013



3 Responses to “One Year”

  1. Jean Says:

    Blessings to a beautiful couple!! Congratulations and love from Mom & Dad Kolich!

  2. […] Last year I also commented on the swift passage of time, at how quickly the first year of being Mrs. Pierce had gone. This rapidity of days will be true for every year of our marriage, no doubt, so I hope to simply be grateful for each day that we have together, no matter how quickly each one flies. […]

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